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Identifying Beneficial Ownership

No More Blind Spots. See Into The Shadows. Fight Financial Crime.

Having access to an unprecedented database of pertinent financial information, coupled with the easy-to-use workflows is truly a dream come true for any compliance department struggling to keep up with client onboarding and monitoring. With the various coverage options provided by Global RADAR, identifying ultimate beneficial ownership is no longer burden to money laundering and risk management prevention. This content brings an additional layer of due diligence and visibility by providing a large and global picture of corporate entities, executives, directors, and board members. This will allow your team to identify risk more effectively and position you to uncover links to corruption, financial crime, and other risks amongst their third parties.

Reduce the manual effort typically required to conduct due diligence creating a more sustainable approach that allows researchers to focus on analyzing risk.  Having an effective, automated software solution to do the heavy lifting with respect to regulatory compliance provides the foresight needed for the modern financial institution to thrive through the 2020’s and beyond.

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