Salesforce and Global RADAR – A Powerful Tool Combined

Salesforce and Global RADAR

Salesforce is fully integrated with Global RADAR.  The combined power of both applications allows you to integrate your screening requirements for prospects, existing clients, or vendors directly from within Salesforce. Consolidate your technology suite and reduce customer onboarding delays using our next generation sanctions screening and adverse media technology efficiently within your CRM platform.

You can now search for sanctions and politically exposed persons as well as conduct adverse media screening and corporate details screening within the Salesforce platform.  Eliminate screening silos and reduce time to revenue by involving your front office staff in the review and screening process.

Highlights of the Salesforce Global RADAR Tool

  • Seamless Screening against SDN (OFAC), sanctions and PEP lists
  • Multi-field matching that includes name, multi-name, entities, vessels, DOB, tax numbers, ID’s
  • Reduce False Positives by up to 96%
  • Conduct all screening activities within Salesforce with no requirements to support or provide data to a third-party screening solution
  • Extensive content dataset trusted by organizations globally
  • Tens of thousands of global media sources and millions of articles are scanned each day