Instant Online AML Screening Software

Instant Online Search for AML Screening, Negative News, Corporate Registries 


Global RADAR
Instant Check

Accelerate your review process by searching instantly for Anti-Money Laundering OFAC Screening, Negative News, Corporate Ownership, Criminal Backgrounds.  Global RADAR’s cutting edge platform combines Artificial Intelligence, advance machine learning and intelligent analytics to keep your organization compliance with Anti-Money Launder regulations. 

Outdated compliance technology, fragmented screening and customer due diligence processes generate un-necessary hours of manual work for compliance teams. 

No installation needed.  Sign-up and search instantly, one or thousands of names.

The First Artificial Intelligence Platform for AML Screening

  • Screening against OFAC sanctions, adverse media, and PEP lists

  • Search Corporate Registries for ownership details

  • Customizable negative news and adverse media searches

  • Exclude search terms to reduce false positives

  • Real time screening through manual data entry or batch processing

  • Automatic information extraction and screening from PDF files

  • False positive suppression

  • Automated Daily list updates

  • Real-time screening of transaction details for trade finance, lending, funds transfers and SWIFT messages

  • Integration with the email system for automatic notifications on new matches

  • Search history and comprehensive audit trail detailing all interactions

  • No deployment needed. Sign-up and search!

  • Fully responsive, available for mobiles and tablets or via API

  • Export, share, and print search results directly from mobile devices

API integration is free of charge- please contact us for more details.We also offer ID verification – contact us for more details and customized pricing.